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Based on feedback and my own impressions of what seems most interesting, I am changing the language back to danish.

I have received a bit of feedback on changing the language of the blog and website from danish to english. On top of this I recently asked for advice on whether or not to change the language back on my Facebook page. Overwhelmingly it seems most people found the site more interesting back when it was in danish. I suppose this is in part because there are so many other blogs and sources in english and since my journey is centered in and around Denmark and a danish context keeping it in danish makes more sense.

I have three more posts already written in english on Bitcoin and I will publish these as planned. This makes the posts available in english pretty well rounded to where I’m at currently. But otherwise, from here on out I am switching back to danish. I hope the people that followed my blog, but do not speak or read danish, can find other good blogs to follow. In a danish context I can recommend Moneymow, Worldsworsemployee as well as Firedk when it comes to blogs on financial independence in a danish context but written in english.

The change back to danish also means I will be doing a bit of editing of the site in general.

I hope all the changes are not too confusing. I feel this is what will make the blog most interesting both to read and for me to write because it will be easier to keep the context relevant. It can be quite difficult to discuss danish tax law in english 🙂 It will also make it far easier for me to link to relevant articles, posts, videos etc. in danish, so expect the Facebookpage, now linked to my Twitter account, to become more active.

As always comments are most welcome and I will do my best to answer all questions. You can follow or like the facebook page or follow frinans on twitter to get notified of new posts as well as interesting links and stories I stumble across. If you are interested in getting into Bitcoin you can sign up for Coinbase through my affiliate link, if you buy Bitcoin for a minimum of 100$, we both get a 10$ bonus. If you are interested in diversifying your investments further, then how about signing up for crowdlending through my Mintos affiliate link and gain an exclusive % on your investment.

Tøv ikke med at kommentere, hvad enten det gælder ris, ros eller spørgsmål. Husk, at du også kan følge med på Facebook, Twitter og Instagram, hvor jeg løbende deler links og materiale der er interessant i et frinansperspektiv. Er du interesseret i at købe Bitcoins, så tøv ikke med at gøre brug af mit affiliate link til Coinbase. Køber du bitcoins for minimum $100, får vi begge en $10 bonus i bitcoins. Vil du gerne investere i crowdfunding, så gør endelig brug af mit affiliate link til Mintos som giver dig nogle fordele.

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  1. Jeg bifalder valget 🙂 Selvom man er god til engelsk er det nu engang nemmere både at læse og skrive dansk, specielt når det er en dansk kontekst 🙂

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