Frinans – from danish to english

I’ve been pondering switching the language of frinans from danish til english. I’m going to try it out, see how that feels. Read on to understand why.

FI in Denmark

When I first started out I made three assumptions:

  • I need to write about what I do in order to force myself to practice what I preach.
  • I couldn’t find a blog or other ressource on how to become financially independent in Denmark, so I should be the one to start such a ressource. Since it concerns itself with danish rules and regulations it should probably be in danish.
  • Maybe starting a blog opens doors for me I otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.

The first one has really worked well for me. I have definitely been better able to practice what I preach, meaning sticking to index funds. So that part is going really well. The second one has been going very well too. The blog is read by more people than I thought it would, I have been able to gather a good amount of knowledge on the subject under danish terms and rules, and more people have commented and participated than I initially expected. The third assumption have also proven very true. I’ve been featured in the danish financial paper Børsen and I have done a talk on financial independence, among other things. All in all it’s been going really well. However there is room for improvement as I will describe further below. These improvements means switching the language to english.

Global community

The first argument for making a transition from writing in danish to english is simply that financial independence, and early retirement as concepts, have a vast global community. This global community is ressourcefull, and I have learned a great deal reading and interacting with it. Keeping my site in danish means I am not contributing my writing to this community, which I find to be a shame to say the least. I like to think I have something to contribute to this space and I feel that I am not doing this at the moment, which is a shame, and something I would like to remedy.

Interaction with others

As I said I have interacted some with other people in this space, but not as much as I would like to. I often read something others have written whether it is a blogpost, a comment or a question and think, ‘hey I know something about that, I actually wrote about it’, but I can’t link to my post because it is in danish and believe it or not most people in the global community don’t understand danish. Having frinans in english would make it easier to interact with the global community and that is something I would like to do more.


Jeg bruger Nordnet til at bygge min frihedsportefølje.

Brickshare er en dansk fremadstormende platform for ejendomsinvestering.

Fremtidens bank er digital, fremtidens bank er Lunar.

Denmark is not just full of danes

I think I am guilty of something very simple, I didn’t think big enough when I started out. Because in this globalised world where people move around fairly freely, Denmark is not just full of Danes. People interested in Denmark, and the danish ways, are not just Danes. So put another way, people interested in how to do something like what I am doing in Denmark aren’t just Danes. Plus most Danes read and write English very well so I doubt a lot of people reading my blog will be left out. But of course this is one reason to keep the blog in danish, that some of the trusted readers might be left out.


The last reason why I would like to change the language of my site is simply monetization, my inner capitalist surfacing. There might be a chance for me to make a little money on the side from frinans, and that is a chance I would like to explore. Long time readers will know that I am not in a high earning job and if there is a way to supplement my income, I would like to take advantage of that.

What happens now?

Over the coming month I will simply write my blogposts in english to get a feel for the change I’m implementing. I will be writing an introduction series in 4 parts in english to welcome new readers. While doing this or shortly after I will change the names on the menus and perhaps update what is presented. I will update the texts for the about me section and the apps and services I use. I will implement english categories and tag all older posts in danish as such, so that nothing will be erased and people can read the old posts as if nothing happened. I am no SEO expert, nor am I an expert on running a website so this might not be the best way to go about it in terms of creating traffic and increasing readers, but this is where I will start out. I will probably convert/translate some of my older posts as I think they will be interesting to others as well.

As always comments are most welcome and I will do my best to answer all questions. You can follow or like the facebook page or follow frinans on twitter to get notified of new posts as well as interesting links and stories I stumble across. If you are interested in getting into Bitcoin you can sign up for Coinbase through my affiliate link, if you buy Bitcoin for a minimum of 100$, we both get a 10$ bonus. If you are interested in diversifying your investments further, then how about signing up for crowdlending through my Mintos affiliate link and gain an exclusive % on your investment.

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  1. Alexander Menzel

    Hello Sune,

    I think this is great decision i’m from Bornholm and new to the blog and the FI space as a whole. I am really enjoying your posts and am looking forward to follow you!

    / Alexander

    1. Hi Alexander,
      Thank you for the kind words. I hope you’ll find the blog useful and I wish you good fortune in your quest for independence.

  2. Looks like I started reading your blog at the perfect time 🙂 Thanks for your helpful content!

    // A kiwi in Denmark

  3. Good for you!

    Funny thing, I just changed from English into Danish on my own blog..

    Good thing about blogging is that nothing is set in stone;)

    Hope it goes well for you

  4. Hi – I hope you will continue to write about topics specific to Denmark, like the impact of the coming new finance law on FI IN Denmark. Best wishes!

    1. Hi Andrew. My focus is still on Denmark, I’m just making the info available to more people 🙂 I will definitely look into the new laws as soon as something more concrete is presented.

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