Frinans in english

Welcome dear reader, searcher of truth, investor, ponderer, tinkerer, man, woman or simply cutter of costs.

My name is Sune and I am an average guy with an unusual mission, to free myself from my workdesk and declare financial independence. This site,, is a look into my journey towards this goal. I invite any and all to follow me in my quest. In order to declare financial independence I plan to get rich(er), which is ESI, by simply:

  • Earning more,
  • Spending less &
  • Investing

Although the site is primarily in danish, I do keep parts in english under this ‘Frinans in english’ page.

If this is your first time here I recommend you start by reading the introduction series, which is in four parts and covers the who, what, why and how of

It is possible to comment and ask questions on every blogpost I write. I publish a new post every sunday. You can contact me directly if you wish to or simply read, through a disclaimer, that I am not a professional investor nor a financial professional in any other capacity. I urge anyone to spend time educating themselves and in the case of investing to apply due diligence. Check out the inspiration page to find links to other sources on financial independence whether it be tools, blogs or podcasts and head on over to the services page to get an overview of the various services I use.

I have specific pages concerning Bitcoin and investing so as to easily provide an overview on these topics. I clearly state in what and why I invest.

You can follow or like the Facebook page follow Frinans on twitter or follow frinans on Instagram to get notified of new posts as well as interesting links and stories I stumble across. Occasionally I make use of affiliate links and I clearly state when doing so.

May your savings rates be high and your returns be at the market average