My name is Sune and I am 30 31 years old. I was born and raised in Denmark and am currently residing in the city of Aarhus. I share an apartment with my girlfriend and work as a business consultant for the University of Aarhus.


I am trying to achieve financial independence. Financial independence means not having to rely on working as a means to an income. I will therefore be financially independent when my passive income equals my spending.


I wish to escape the corporate rat race and having to work for someone else for a third of my time. Instead I wish to pursue a wide range of interests kind of like the polymaths of the renaissance. I wish to know some about a lot of things instead of a lot about a few select things such as the labour market tends to emphasise.


I intend to achieve financial independence by improving the three components of the get rich(er) formula:

Earn more,

Spend less &


I intend to call it quits once my investments equal 25-30 x my annual spending in accordance with the 4% rule.