Frinans introduction series – part 3: Why do I want to achieve financial independence

This is the third post in a short series on Frinans. This time we will be looking into the why part, meaning why am I trying to achieve financial independence.

The introduction series

This is part 3 in a series of 4 posts written to give a basic answer to the questions of who, what, why & how of Frinans. Part 3 will therefore be about why I am trying to achieve financial independence, granted I have touched upon this in the earlier posts since the questions overlap. The more experienced reader both of this blog and other blogs about financial independence will probably find, that my reasons do not differ that much from others. But without me shortselling myself here, pun intended, let’s dive into the why part.


I believe my life will be better, I will be happier and I will find more meaning in a life in which I am financially independent than a life in which I am not

Why am I doing this

This is a question I have spent a lot of time thinking about. I actually thought a lot about it before I even knew there was such a thing as the concept of being financially independent. In some way I have been searching for an answer to the question of how do I want to live my life for a long time and being financially independant provides the blueprint for this answer. I don’t think I differ that much from the vast majority of bloggers and people in generel concerned with financial independence. I seek more freedom, more meaning and more control of my own life. I don’t want to feel chained to a desk in an office for the next 30-40 years and the way I am planning to break free is through earning, saving and investing. I want to be more physically active during my day which is difficult when I have to spend 7-8 hours at the office every day. I want to do lots of different things and learn many skills, which is also difficult when working a more traditional job. I have no intention of sitting down and doing nothing once I actually achieve my financial independence but as of now my focus is more on escaping, than what I am going to do with my future newfound freedom once achieved. I spend a good deal of my time pondering the inner workings of modern life so more posts af a philosophical nature are probably coming up. I have tried to sum up some of the reasons why in this post to better give an overview.

My inner anarchist

I’m quite naturally anarchistic and I consider myself somewhat an anarchist politically also. I have never really found the confines of society to be good or usable, rather I often see them as limiting to me. This is of course quite egotistical and individualistic and I don’t oppose that view. I would consider myself somewhat selfish. Being financially independent means not having to play by as many rules and being able to better break free from society or just stand more on the sidelines. This appeals to the inner anarchist in me. Before discovering the concept of financial independence I spend a lot of time looking into concepts of self reliance in regards to growing my own food, living in the woods or building a tiny house. When my mom told me to watch the movie Into the Wild I had no idea how profoundly it was going to impact me. If you haven’t seen it, do so. These various concepts and strategies seemed like pieces of a puzzle to me but I could never really connect them properly. In all of the scenarios I could dream of I still needed money to make them happen and even sustain them. If I somehow managed to scrape enough money together to buy an old farm I would still need money to pay for the things I couldn’t produce myself and taxes never seem to go away. I think this is why discovering the concept of financial independence and the tools of the community was such a big thing for me. It was a massive part of the puzzle, possibly the corner pieces, that would allow for me to piece the rest of it together, my own way.

Physicality vs. deep thinking

I have an office job and when I sit inside starring at my computer screen on a beautiful sunny day I can’t help but think something is wrong. I should definitely be outside more, spend more time doing things outside. Feel the warmth of the sun, the breeze of the wind and so on. Possibly while chopping wood or doing some other physically demanding labour. On the other hand I have tried having a more active job where no critical or deep thinking was involved and I got incredibly bored and was clearly not stimulated enough intellectually. So this is my dilemma, I like physically hard and demanding labour as well as tasks requiring deep thinking and solving complex problems. Ideally I would love to do the mentally demanding tasks in the morning and the physically demanding in the afternoon. I haven’t yet come across a job where this would be possible. Being financially independent would allow me to spend my mornings studying and getting wiser, which I doubt I would ever get tired of. This time around though there will be no test and no scores, only the desire to better myself and get smarter. I could then spend the afternoons doing more physically demanding labour.


Er du mere til, at andre gør-det-for-dig end, at du gør-det-selv, når det kommer til investeringer, så er løsningen for dig.


Which is better, going to work making money so that I can pay others do things for me like fixing things around the house or learning to do these things myself? To me the answer is pretty simple and straightforward, I want to fix the thing myself. I like being able and capable of doing most things myself. This is something that both brings me joy and a sense of satisfaction. Spending a lot of time at work leaves both less time and less energy for doing as much as possible myself. Freeing up more time and energy would allow me to DIY more and this prospect intrigues me greatly.

Rennassaince man

Im very fascinated with the polymaths of the past and I see a bit of myself in them, albeit I am by no means and never will be on their level. Way back in the day intellectuals mastered different things and were not experts on one thing or in one field. Contrary they sought knowledge and understanding of a lot of different things. I find myself often getting interested in and afterwards submerse myself in new things, ideas or subjects. I like to build things using my hands just as much as I love to learn about and understand economics. At the moment I spend a lot of time researching blockchain technology and the origins and actual workings of money and the monetary system of the western civilisations. These things I spend time researching and understanding simply because I find it interesting. I want to understanding a lot of things well instead of only a few things very well. This however does not really fit the job market and once again becoming financially independent would mean me being able to follow my passions more.


I love adventure, traveling and experiencing different cultures. I have found that traveling best suits me when done extensively and for longer periods of time. Again this doesn’t really fit well with modern life and the job market. I once spend 2,5 months in the middle of no where, a dessert in India in the  region of Rajasthan where I taught kids english. That trip changed me and gave me a different outlook on life coming from a small and rich country in Europe. I would like to have more experiences of that kind. Theres probably a future post to write about my trip back then, I’ll have to get back to that.

My own little kingdom

Building a small but sufficient economic empire might sound a bit too much, but to be honest I don’t care. Whether empire or kingdom, considering building one, even a small one, sounds interesting to me. Truth be told it probably won’t look like much, it’ll be an old farm out in the country, but it’ll be mine and it’ll have good economics. Thinking of my own life as a game to master and my surroundings as my kingdom makes everything more fun plus it makes it winnable. I am going to win in the game of life and part of that means becoming financially independent, so that’s what I’m going to do. I am going to be the king of my own little kingdom and I am the one responsible for it’s well being.

All in all the reasons for achieving financial independence are vast and plentiful. Keeping your options open and setting yourself up for more influence on how to live your life will probably be a big selling point for most people. If I were to come up with one overall reason why I want to achieve financial independence, this would be it:

I believe my life will be better, I will be happier and I will find more meaning in a life in which I am financially independent, than a life in which I am not

If I believe the above to be true, which I do, then achieving financial independence is simply about creating a better life, and doesn’t strive for that?

Next time, meaning next monday, in the introduction series, I will be looking more into the how I am trying to achieve financial independence.

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