Frinans introduction series – part 1: Who is behind frinans

This is the first post in a short series on Frinans. It seems fitting that the first post after switching languages is about me. So if you want to get to know the person behind the site, look no further.

The introduction series

This is part 1 in a series of 4 posts written to give a basic answer to the questions of who, what, why & how of Frinans. Part 1 will therefore be about who I am, a chance for you to get to know me a little better.

The basics

My name is Sune (old norse for son, maybe I should have made the FI theme viking somehow). I am 31 years old, born and raised in Denmark. I am currently residing in Aarhus, which is the 2nd largest city in Denmark, where I share an apartment with my girlfriend. I work as a business consultant for the University of Aarhus, but I will not go into much detail with regards to my job, as this really isn’t interesting when it comes to this blog. Basically I work with IT, as it seems a large part of people pursuing financial independence are.

In many ways I’m pretty average and nothing special which is an important part of my reasoning for keeping this blog and writing about my journey towards financial indepence. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist when it comes to intelligence or your pay check. You don’t have to be a lifestyle guru capable of optimizing every part of your existence, although having the mindset of someone like Tim Ferris might help. I am by no means a lifestyle guru and I have a long way to go if I ever want to be considered one. On the other hand I have made lifestyle choices that have helped me take more control of my own life. I quit smoking a couple years ago, although I have occasionally had a cigarette since then, I consider myself a non-smoker now. I go to the gym 3 times a week and have started eating healthier. These choices have to do with health and are important, but they also have an impact on my finances. Smoking is expensive because cigarettes cost money and because it increases the risk of getting sick, getting sick costs money too. Being out shape costs money because it often makes you take the easier choice, getting in your car instead of walking or biking. Money = time and being stupid about money means wasting time which is the most precious ressource there is, at least that’s what I believe. I don’t want to waste too much time, so I try to make better choices and grow as a person in order to make the best of the limited time I have. This all sounds very good abut of course I don’t do this to perfection, far from it, but being smart about the choices I make and understanding what I want, why I want it and how to get is something I ponder about quite a bit.


Er du mere til, at andre gør-det-for-dig end, at du gør-det-selv, når det kommer til investeringer, så er løsningen for dig.


A lot of things interest me, and the potenital for hobbies are vast, but my biggest hobby is how to escape the corporate life, meaning how to do FIRE (financial independence retire early) in Denmark. A big part of that journey is this site and blog. Most of my interests have something to do with breaking free and living differently from the norm, but until now I have mostly been blogging about the philosophy of work, investing, saving and budgeting. In the future I might include building, growing, gardening and a long host of other things. Besides this I enjoy things such as reading, both fiction and non fiction, a bit of gaming, philosophy, cooking most meals myself and I follow sports such as football and basketball. I used to play basketball myself when I was younger. Most of all though, I enjoy getting wiser and liberating myself from the clutches of society. Here in Denmark we have a vast and pretty much all powerfull welfare state which in many regards is a good thing, and for a lot of people, probably most, this is the best way to live. For someone basically wanting to do most things by themselves, it can feel wrong to have to pay so much of their hard earned money to a central welfare state, they most often don’t need or want. So figuring out how to live the way I want to live, within the confines of such a welfare state, takes up the most of my free time.

All in all my interests and hobbies are greatly linked with my journey towards financial independence. By nature I can be quite obsessive when it comes to obtaining new information. If I find a concept or hear about something interesting I quickly spent a great deal of time researching in order to understand if it is useful to me. When I started out investing, I spent an entire weekend from early in the morning to late into the night understanding as much as I could. This thirst for knowledge and understanding is something rooted deep in me. I love simplifying complex things. Whether this can be said to be a hobby, an interest or simply a part of who I am is a matter of opinion. Whether other people find me to be simple or complex is perhaps a matter for another day.

Disclaimer, I am not a financial advisor

So, now that you have gotten to know me a bit better, it is time for a disclaimer. Not just for legal reasons, but most of all to simply be as transparent as possible.

Note that I am by no means a financial advisor and as such I can’t, don’t and won’t offer investment advice. My blog is about showing my way of doings things, my way of investing and my journey. Of course I will link to and use the advice and actions of others, but understand that my goal is not to give you, the reader, a quick fix solution to get rich quick. So the only advice I will give is this:

Always do your homework before investing. This means understanding the risk involved as well as understanding the tax implications of your choices. Don’t be financially ignorant and don’t be financially stupid. 

I Hope to inspire others to invest, and I will be presenting my way of investing which is very simple, but I also hope and implore that the readers of this blog will do their homework thoroughly before investing.

Next time, meaning next monday, in the introduction series, I will be looking more into the what I am trying to achieve.

As always comments are most welcome and I will do my best to answer all questions. You can follow or like the facebook page or follow frinans on twitter to get notified of new posts as well as interesting links and stories I stumble across. If you are interested in getting into Bitcoin you can sign up for Coinbase through my affiliate link, if you buy Bitcoin for a minimum of 100$, we both get a 10$ bonus. If you are interested in diversifying your investments further, then how about signing up for crowdlending through my Mintos affiliate link and gain an exclusive % on your investment.

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