The three modes of action taking

This post is about the three basic ways of dealing with a problem. One of them is definitely not a positive one, but much used none the less. Read on to find out how to tackle problems the frinansway.

In short please

Here are the three modes of action:

  • The way of ignorance
  • The way of acceptance
  • The way of change

I’m sure someone, somewhere, sometime have produced an all encompassing theory that basically tackles the same modes of action taking. I haven’t read it though, so this is my very own thinking and something I actually make use of. But without further ado let’s get to it.

What is this?

This is a general theory of how to deal with things I have developed over the course of my 31 year long life, I imagine I have a lot to learn still. It basically states that there are three ways of dealing with things known to you. It therefore does not deal with problems or potential for problems unknown. The three ways, as I call them, are the way of ignorance, the way of acceptance and the way of change. If something is not how you want it to be, you can either ignore it, you can accept it or you can change it. I’m not here to judge anyone, but it does seem a lot of people tend to stay within the way of ignorance, which I personally do not consider very positive. But we’ll look closer at why that is and how to act differently.

The way of ignorance

Problem: I hate having a job and feel chained, almost like a modern day wageslave

Solution: I don’t know how to change it, so I’m just going to ignore it and not do anything about it and let it continue destroying the very fabric of my soul

As the example above demonstrates this made of action is actually inaction, doing nothing. If you encounter a problem and do not do anything about it, you are not actively trying to solve it. This does not mean it cannot be solved, as it is possible that others will solve it for you. This however is not something I keenly rely on, as this puts the control in the hands of others and generally I want to stay in control whenever possible. In essence this mode of action is what you are doing when hoping someone else will do something for you or trusting in luck. Wishing to achieve financial independence and in general take responsibility for my own life, this mode is not something I often rely on. The only way this option seems useable, is if you want to focus your attention on something else for the foreseeable future. If you are a heroin addict and a smoker then perhaps you should start of ignoring the smoking part and focus on getting rid of the heroin addiction first.

The way of acceptance

Problem: I hate having a job and feel chained, almost like a modern day wageslave

Solution: I cannot change what is beyond my control and must therefore learn to accept it, so as to not continue letting it frustrate me

As the example above shows this mode is also not about actually changing anything on the outside, meaning tackling the problem as such. It also seems like something Yoda could have said. This mode is a way of tackling the problem from within by changing whether it is a problem. I use this mode when problems are of a sort I either cannot change or decide isn’t worth it. This could be related to looks or skills for example. I will never be a world famous musician and I simply accept that rather than try and change it. In terms of achieving financial independence I have also increasingly used this when it comes to investing. Utilising index investing is a means of accepting the fact that you can’t or won’t try to beat the market. Accepting the things you cannot change is pretty powerful and something I believe a lot of people would benefit from doing more of. I do this on a daily basis myself.


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The way of change

Problem: I hate having a job and feel chained, almost like a modern day wageslave

Solution: So I am going to figure out how to change my situation in order to achieve happiness

The above example shows that this mode is more of a ‘tackle the problem head on’ way of doing things. Instead of ignoring or accepting something you try to change it for the better. In terms of achieving financial independence this is something I have done a lot. Don’t know what investing is and how to do it? Find out. Don’t know how much money you spend on a monthly basis? Figure it out. This mode represents taking charge and figuring things out yourself. It does not meant starting from scratch every time, if someone else have a really good solution for your problem then by all means adopt, adapt, buy or copy. Be wary of trying to change something which you cannot though. This can become an unintended and ever ongoing endeavour. This means that applying the correct analysis in terms of wether something is within your area of control is important. My guess is this is something learned by doing and keeping on trying means getting better at it.

Closing remarks

Ignoring problems is seldom a good choice, this seems fairly obvious. It is far trickier to identify whether a problem should be accepted or changed. Learn to separate that which is within your control from that which is not. The things beyond your control should simply be accepted. Whether the ones within your control should be changed is the option you really need to pay attention to. Trying to tackle to many at a time can be disastrous and leave you changing nothing at all. As with so much else in life it is a matter of balance. Keep rehearsing and you will find your own balance. This is something I am personally becoming increasingly better at, which is of great personal satisfaction.

Accepting things you cannot change and changing those you can, builds a lot of confidence and feeling of self worth.

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  1. Another great post Sune!
    Always, ignorance is the way to be/stay in the comfort zone.
    But “change”, that only word means a lot.

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