Måneden der gik september 2017

Read on to find out how the frinances are doing here at the end of september.

I will be posting my expenses in the currency DKK as this is the native currency of Denmark. Use a simple tool such as this to convert to your local currency.

September 2017

In short september was another month with a low dollar and standstill in the overall market performance. Not that this matters in terms of the strategy, when mainly buying index-products, but it still feels nicer to see value go up rather than down. The price of bitcoins have really been volatile and it seems there is a lot of stir in the whole crypto/blockchain world. Bitcoin is increasingly getting media coverage and I am reading more and more articles about central banks pondering the use of blockchain technology. Very interesting times indeed. Furthermore I attended the second of four meetings at a local cafe, where we discuss the monetary system, more specifically the role of banks in the creation of money. Simply put when people loan money in the bank they are created out of thin air which has huge implications on the economy. Most of all it drastically increases house prices which are at absolutely ridiculous levels in Denmark. This creation of money accounts for abut 95% of money in the western world, scary. More on that at a later date.

Posts written this month

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The what, why & how of budgetting

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Now let’s take a look at the month of September in terms of frinances.

Stock and bond portfolio

I transferred money to my broker account at Nordnet and bought the usual global stock market index. I also transferred money to compile and buy more bond index funds at a later stage. All very boring and very good. If you want to look more into my investing, check the investing page.


With it being a rather eventless month, in terms of actual holdings of the portfolio, you could be tricked in to believing this is a simple copy/paste screenshot below:

That is not a bad thing though, this type of portfolio is supposed to look a little boring, perhaps so you don’t feel a want to change things and go spend your time outside instead.

The actual weight of the different components as of September 30th. are listed here:

Global stock fund: 78,7%

Danish bonds: 17,7%

Thin Film Electronics: 2,6%

Hugo Games: 0,2%

Cash: 0,8%

You can view my portfolio of bonds and stocks at all times at Shareville, my username is simply Frinans.



Not a lot of fireworks or rocket behaviour when it comes to the development of the portfolio either. This is what it looks like:

Portefølje means portfolio, the graphics wasn’t available in english. 

It was positive month for the first time in a long time and this does warm my heart a little. I guess I’m a sensitive guy when it comes to investing.

Total worth: 252.000 DKK


I saved another 1000 DKK this month as per usual.

Total savings: 21.040 DKK


I paid off a little of my student debt this month according to plan.

Total debt: 29.614 DKK

Savings rate

As this was a fairly standard month it also means my savings rate was of fairly standard proportions. There isn’t too much left for me to gain by saving or living more frugally. I might be able to churn out 60% some months, but not much more than that. If the savings rate needs to go further up I need to make more money.

Savings rate for this month: 56%

As always comments are most welcome and I will do my best to answer all questions. You can follow or like the facebook page or follow frinans on twitter to get notified of new posts as well as interesting links and stories I stumble across. 


6 kommentarer til “Måneden der gik september 2017”

  1. It sure seems like you’re heading in the right direction. Slowly but steady, I guess that’s the way forward. Sounds really nice with the café meeting! I look forward to your post about the monetary system.

    1. Thank you!
      131.279 DKK entitling me to 13.405 DKK a month if I retire at the age of 67. (According to my pension providers website)

      1. Cool. You are a bit further ahead than me (In my latest monthly post, I just crossed 250.000 DKK too – although including pension), but we are pretty much on the same track 🙂

        Do you have a net worth retirement number?

        1. No I don’t have an exact number because I reckon my life will look different when I get further down the line. Probably somewhere between 3 & 5 million. 3 for the current situation I’m in and 5 accounting for a little bigger residence and potential kids.

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